Tools for Change

cropped-eg5.jpgClearing the toxins within our spiritual, emotional and physical bodies.

There is a saying “we are what we eat” but equally true is “we are what we THINK”. That is a belief that our thoughts affect our emotions which in turn affect our bodies

In other words toxic beliefs and emotions not only affect the way we interpret life but also have a detrimental effect on our physical health and need to be cleared in order to create harmony and balance.

Each generation has inherited “stuff” and took issues that were too painful to clear into the next incarnation………. however to end this cycle our consciousness is being raised leaving our heart chakra open and we now only need the right INFORMATION and TOOLS to clear the blockages within the two strands of DNA represented by our Matriarch and Patriarch lines…and then the old book of his-story can be closed


HIS is a story of struggle and survival whereas HER-STORY is a vision of faith and unconditional love with the genetic memory of both being locked within our first two chakras. This duality/separation (the sacral is the interface with our endocrine/hormonal system) heals and faith replaces fear. Our All of life Coaching simply removes the heaviness of these “echoes from the past” lifting the dark clouds and empowering our Solar Plexus to where we “shine”… our lives then become free and “light hearted”.

With this release of energy we sense the ONENESS in consciousness that was experienced before our Earth journey began with a flow on effect increasing our emotional and physical wellbeing.


In freeing up the energy around money (within our root chakra) we then change our version of “prosperity” and go on to create wealth as part of HER story.


New research suggests that 90% of everything we do is subconscious. This “unconscious” carries all our personal fears, guilt and baggage and is now merging with the collective fears psychologists call “free floating anxiety” …any wonder we are feeling more fearful and vulnerable.

However these conflicts and challenges are all part of our spiritual growth which is becoming a priority as we can no longer “pretend”. The fog is lifting and “she” is awakening as we realise the immensity of what lies ahead


My own experience of this evolutionary process has been as a practitioner in Naturopathy, counselling and Vibrational healing. By claiming the vibration of SERVICE through the Holistequine horses we have merged HIS story with HER-story and this new focus is now detailed in our new “All of Life Coaching” manual, workshops, private session and courses. By providing the practical exercises, tools and new philosophies/insights we heal the conflict within our “two selves” and change direction on this amazing journey to ONENESS

New Spiritual Workbook (online) merging HIS-tory with HER story… a step by step guided journey to end separation


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