Our Philosophy


During my 25 years as a Naturopath studying Metaphysics, vibrational medicine and Equine Assisted Life Coaching I have come to the understanding that this Earth journey is about consciously raising our vibration. This for me was recognised through the horse being a frequency of SERVICE TO MANKIND and that when we can equal this vibration we ourselves walk in unconditional love and ONENESS….
This “promised land” or ONENESS is a result of healing separation by merging the opposites within ourselves…i.e. the head with the heart, our assertive side with our vulnerable side and we do this through the reflections of “another”
If I have a problem with my external “male” (partner) I look at the wound/problem within MY own “internal male. In other words I have learnt that if I heal myself, everything around me changes….not always easy but is the only way to grow spiritually AND it gets results!!. Once this healing takes place we move back into our original state of unconditional love…for if we love ourselves we cannot help but love “the other”… (a state of unconditional love that our animals mirror to us!).
The divide between race, religion and wealth is becoming more prevalent…these are the things that separate us. To survive spiritually we will now need to consciously focus on the things that unite us…the oneness of universal LOVE


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